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When I first started documenting daily life I was wondering what kind of equipment a professional photographer might use. I saw photographers for big name and awesome companies like national geographic magazine with all sort of stuff. Pockets, bags, cars and planes full of stuff.

Naturally I got the impression that I needed all that stuff to. Big cameras, stabilizers, lenses and all other things. I wanted everything. But to be honest you don’t need any of it. Of course it’s always fun to have something new and to buy a new lens, to get that extra flash or a whole new camera. And sure it may help you to do things that were almost impossible to do with your old camera. But do you need it to make good pictures? No of course not! “But what do I need?” some of you may ask. Well it depends on what you want to do.

It all starts with the camera, if you are a click and shoot person you don’t want to over-buy a camera, a smaller mirrorless camera would be sufficient. I have even seen some professional photographers going for this option. Because you can carry your camera and maybe even one or two extra lenses in your pockets and you don’t have to worry about carrying the weight, your camera equipment won’t get in your way. You will be quicker and blend in, people won’t notice you that much and that’s a big advantage.

Conversely if you have very big goals, then you don’t want to under-buy your equipment. If you want to photograph the small macro world around us, shoot dramatic long exposure shots or want to shoot from very long distances then you will have to spend some more money to get the right equipment. But don’t dive into it, dip your toes into the water. Start slowly it will pay off in the long run. You will become a much better photographer, trust me! And this way you don’t have to throw all of your money into your photography right away.

Remember your camera is just a box! You see the world with your eyes, and your brain. The camera is just a box, with some fancy stuff in it. Some of the photographers I enjoy the most actually use very old and used camera’s. Most of the time it just depends on your photography skills, just like anything you have to learn and you will become better with time and practice.  

So If you are just starting out, don’t go overboard immediately. Buy a good camera, don’t spend thousands of dollars. Buy a camera with a kit-lens. Just one lens. And start photographing. After some time passes. Look at your photographs and go from there, look at you photographs and think about what you are trying to do. What will make it easier? It doesn’t even have to be a new equipment. But if you think it’s time to buy new gear at least now you know exactly what you need for your photography. Don’t just buy equipment for the sake of it.

Personally I use an pretty old entry level canon dslr. And a newer fujifilm, but still not so expensive, camera. I would advise everyone that is looking to get started with photography, or is thinking about a new camera. To really consider what camera you need.

Remember those national geographic photographers? I bet you that most of them got there job there because they shot great pictures with any camera. Most of them started taking awesome photography with “simple” cameras and it wasn’t until it was there job that they bought those pockets, bags, cars and planes full of stuff.

Peace and love,


 All the content on this blog is “open,” meaning it is free to download, edit, translate, share, whatever you like! I  dedicate myself to sharing all of my insights knowledge, and information that I have learned about photography and share it with you for free, forever!  Because It's not all about money. But if you learned anything from me, or used something and want to support me with spreading this project, this info, or thank me, then of course a donation is welcome and greatly appreciated. Because every dollar given to this project frees me up a little more to focus on making the best photography content I can.

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